British words Vs American words

As you know, even though North America and Great Britain share the same language, some words are completely different. Here are some of the most common differences.

American Word British Word Flashlight Torch Gas Petrol Soccer Football Cookie Biscuit Diaper
(on a baby)
(on a baby)
(of food)
(of food)
Elevator Lift Truck Lorry Hood
(of a car)
(of a car)
(of a car)
(of a car)
Eraser Rubber

Check Your Understanding

Can you fill in the blanks without looking back?
1. In North America, a person drives a truck down the road. In Great Britain, a person drives a ….

2. In Great Britain, the front of a car is called a bonnet. In North America, the front of a car is called a ….

3. In North America, the back of the car has a trunk. In Great Britain, the back of the car has a ….

4. In Great Britain, people put petrol in their cars to make them go. In North America, people put in their cars….

5. In North America, babies wear diapers before they learn to use the toilet. In Great Britain, babies wear …

6. In Great Britain, food can be bought in tins. In North America, food is bought in …..

7. In North America, people eat cookies. In Great Britain, the same things are called ….

8. In Great Britain, people play football. In North America, the game is called ….

9. In North America, you can see in the dark if you use a flashlight. In Great Britain, you use a to see in the dark….

10. In Great Britain, you go up the building in a lift. In North America, you use an ….

11. In North America, when you make a mistake with a pencil, you can erase it with an eraser. In Great     Britain, you use a ….

Okey guys, those words are worth enough to broaden our knowledge about both countries which are becoming the source of English language in Indonesia. Don’t be confuse, they are all the same. Good luck.


________.American Words/British words. downloaded on 9  Feb.